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PLUS THERAPEUTICS is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on making a positive impact on patients’ lives and adding value to the healthcare system. We are a publicly-traded company on Nasdaq (PSTV, an abbreviation of ‘POSITIVE’) with our headquarters in Austin, Texas and manufacturing facilities in San Antonio, Texas.  The location of our operations provides us with many potential strategic advantages, including proximity to world-class cancer institutions and researchers and the ability to qualify and apply for funding through the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas, or CPRIT.  Since being founded in 2008, CPRIT has awarded almost $2.5 billion in funds toward more than 1,500 grants for cancer prevention and academic/product development research.

We have two lead drug product candidates in our pipeline, RNL™ and DocePLUS™, being developed in the U.S. by a dedicated and energetic team of biologists, chemists, engineers, and other professionals. This diverse and experienced team is using our proprietary and versatile nanotechnology platform to reformulate and deliver U.S. FDA-approved chemotherapeutics and widely-used radiotherapeutics in Europe to provide meaningful benefits to patients and healthcare providers. The platform also serves as the foundation and affords us the opportunity in the future to develop additional drugs for rare cancers.

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Annual Stockholder Meeting

Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Time: 9 am PST
12526 High Bluff Drive, Suite 300,
San Diego, CA 92130

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PLUS THERAPEUTICS is pleased to offer stockholders the option of electronic delivery of its proxy statements and annual 10-K for the 2019 annual meeting. Electronic delivery benefits PLUS THERAPEUTICS and its stockholders through the reduction of printing costs and paper usage, thereby benefiting the environment. We encourage you to enroll.